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Mole Valley Farmers are running a photograph competition and are putting together a series of greeting cards.



Greeting Card Photo Competition

Just to let you know that our judges have selected our shortlist and you can view these on our new board on Pinterest, click here >> and we are in the process of contacting the winners.

We would like to thank everyone who has submitted an entry or contacted us with regard to our competition.


Cameras have developed immensely and have become much more affordable, many years ago it was also the work done in the darkroom that really helped get the best out of photos. The same is true today in the digital darkroom although some people still seem to be in the right place at the right time and capture that perfect shot.

We love seeing the images you are sharing with us, sometimes they are used in our brochures or on literature, and this month, throughout July we are running a photograph competition.

We are looking for the best photos to make up a greeting card collection which will be sold in our branches, these cards would be British made and a donation from the sale of each pack will go to charity.

These cards will be available to purchase in store and on-line in November.

Top Five Tips for getting that great shot!


  1. Always ensure that your battery is fully charged, there is nothing worse than seeing the perfect shot disappear in front of you as the dead battery warning light winks at you. It may even pay to buy a spare battery.
  2. Memory card - newer cameras have more megapixals, so file sizes become larger. Memory cards from 4GB and higher work well and best practice is to format your memory card after you have downloaded your images.
  3. Invest in a tripod or a monopod – even if you have a steady hand. This is great if you are photographing a group or need to be in the shot you can set this up using a tripod.
  4. Depth of field – The depth of field is one of the most powerful effects that a photographer can use. you can decide how to guide the viewer’s eye to a particular area on the photograph. You can control this using the aperture setting with dramatic results, depending on your type of lens. Be mindful that the aperture setting affects your shutter speed, with a wide aperture lets in more light and you will need a faster shutter speed for an accurate exposure.
  5. Composition – think about the photo that you are taking,


Top Five Mistakes that every photographer makes!


  1. Leaving the lens cap on - don’t lie we have all done it!
  2. Flat battery - you know that you should have charged it but…..
  3. Memory card - is full because you forgot to format it after you took the last images.
  4. Missing tripod quick release plate – you thought it was on the tripod but you left it on the camera, then you took it off when you changed the battery on the camera and now it could be anywhere!
  5. Dust marks – can be removed when back at the computer but that is extra work that you don’t need. If you are worried about dusting you can take it to your nearest servicing centre.


Our first prize is £250 of Mole Valley Farmers vouchers, second is £100 and third £50.

To enter please email your entry to [email protected]

Due to popular demand the deadline for entries has been extended and will now close on midnight 16th August 2013, we can confirm that all winners will be announced on 4th October2013.

A selection of entrants will be available to view on Pinterest on our board called Greeting Card Photo Competition.

Our terms and conditions apply, Mole Valley Farmers reserve the right to amend or enhance photos and employees and their families are allowed to enter. All terms and conditions are available please click here >.

Happy Snapping!


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Posted by Trudy Herniman

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