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Grubs Frostline Wellington Boots

 Grubs frostline review

Grubs Frostline Review from Romy Jackson #UniInMyWellies

Grubs Frostline Wellington boots get put through their paces.

"The Grubs wellies were outstanding for comfort compared to other boots - both rubber and leather."


The most noticeable difference between my usual Hunter wellies was the warmth. Whilst on placement working in a market often whilst wearing Hunters my feet would get very cold and their design made wearing too many extra pairs of socks very difficult. This was never the case with Grubs which even in a hale storm, whilst stood on a concrete surface for a site visit my feet remained warm and dry!


The boots were durable and sturdy, however due to being in my final year I wasn’t able to wear them as much as I would have previously and had no need to wear them daily for milking or to a yard. However, I was able to wear them in a variety or terrains, weather conditions and environments (including chasing sheep up a hill, livestock market, LAMMA show and of course the bar!). I would expect a pair of wellies to last 2 years of consistent wear and would usually expect to pay £70-£80 for them, which I would be happy to have paid for this product.


Initially the boots did give me a blister which made wearing them quite uncomfortable....however once this healed they were comfortable to wear for long periods of time including walking around a show ground for hours (the true test of rural comfort!). There was more room in the boot than with other welly styles, however having shown them to my Mum I am assured this is a positive thing for people with “larger legs” – not sure if she was trying to tell me something or just eyeing up my boots for herself. As such I would recommend the boots to others looking for a warm and comfortable boot. They are slightly larger and therefore heavier than a rubber welly but this was not a problem to me and the neoprene material is much more breathable than rubber which was useful at times.


The colour of the boot made it easy to wear them to any event for the “testing” without drawing too much attention to myself... this was particularly useful when wearing them to a ball! The best part of #uniinmywellies is having been able to meet other people from the university that I would other wise not have met. The involvement from the other members of #teamharper has been interesting, as it is amazing what you can learn about people from some pictures of their feet!


Shop Grubs Frostline wellington boots.  Read more about the #UniInMyWellies project.

Romy's boots were provided by Grubs.

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Romy Jackson, Harper Adams University as part of the #UniInMyWellies project.

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