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Jonsson Gumboot Review

 Jonsson Gumboot Review

A Jonsson Gumboot Review

As Part of the #UniInMyWellies Project Lauren Johnston Shares her Jonsson Gumboot Review

Prior to testing these boots I usually wore wellies from Fane Valley Stores that usually cost under £15.  I would go through about a pair a year and usually get new ones around lambing time.  They wore down quite fast and I put gel insoles in them as they did not provide much support and were quite thin.  Until this year I only worked on a sheep farm and so would wear the boots in a range of environments like field and yard or for driving.  On an average day I can wear my boots between 20 minutes and 10hours per day.  Lately I have been wearing them to milk twice per day which amounts to around 8 hours in total. 


When I first put on the trial boot I was quite surprised that it fit me as I usually need to go a size up in wellies but an 8 was perfect.  I then thought that it was a bit uncomfortable and quite stiff and tighter than I was used to around the ankle and the rubber leg was quite thick.  I also thought the leg was quite wide, but I have that problem with most boots - it’s my skinny legs.  I would like the boots to come a little higher up my leg, again this is my fault too I think… my skinny legs are quite long. 


After wearing the boots for a while I started to like the tightness around the ankle as it felt more secure, especially in the yard where there can be some uneven surfaces.  The stiffness in the boot had stopped me hurting my ankle in automatic scraper grooves more than once, which I was quite pleased about.  The only problems I found with this stiffness is that it makes it slightly difficult to drive but I got used to lifting my whole foot, instead of bending at the ankle, eventually.  I also had a problem a couple of times with the top of the boot rubbing my shins but this only happened when I wasn’t wearing long football socks which I usually wear with wellies.  This also made keep uppies in football difficult, but I don’t think that is an essential activity for wellies…   


The non slip sole has proven itself to me countless times, even while climbing a fairly slippery crag, which isn’t the best idea in wellies! The sole has slipped only once, but to be fair, I had the boots at quite an extreme angle with my full bodyweight against a cow that wasn’t for going anywhere and the deck of the parlour was wet and a little slippery.  I have jumped down from the parlour into a puddle and the boots didn’t slip at all which I was quite surprised about.  


The boots seem to be quite durable and hard wearing as they don’t seem to be scuffed much and the soles still seem like new.  I didn’t expose the boots to many chemicals apart from the foam wash in the dairy and a farm disinfectant, neither of which posed a problem.  


Once I got used to the stiffness of the boots I found them quite comfortable.  I wore them for a day of ambassador work, taking tours of the university, and was quite impressed that I didn’t get sore feet.  I usually wear Dublin River Boots and I get sore feet, even in those.  I was also pleasantly surprised with their ability to hold heat.  In the parlour, with temperatures outside just below freezing the boots combined with ski socks did the trick.  However, at home over Christmas my feet did get a little cold as I was working outside, I’ll remember the ski socks next time!


I really enjoyed testing my Jonsson Gumboots, even if it wasn’t always in a farm environment, and I would say they would definitely hold their own in the dairy industry, although I’m not sure a lot of men would think they could carry off the red strip around the top!


You can read more about the #UniInMyWellies project here and even apply for 2014-2015 now.


Lauren's boots were provided by Jonsson.


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Lauren Johnston - Harper Adams University 

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