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Things to consider before keeping chickens

keeping chickens, we have a great range of poultry feed

Thinking of starting a hobby keeping chickens for laying? If so, you are part of a growing trend.

Up to a million UK households, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association (Oct 2013), are already enjoying the benefits. 


While there's nothing nicer than the notion of a bit of self-sufficiency: going to work on your own fresh, rich flavoured eggs; watching your children entertained by some fascinating and productive feathered pets; not to mention the prospect of selling on more eggs than you need to feed the family - you do need to weigh up in advance whether your lifestyle is really suited to the commitment required. 


Consider factors such as who will look after your chickens when you are on holiday, whether your garden is big enough and whether you have enough time to devote towards cleaning and maintenance. We have a free guide that tells you the essentials you need to know about keeping chickens.


If you decide you’d love to give it a go, we have plenty of poultry supplies on hand to get you off to a flying start. From essential poultry feeders and drinkers and chicken feed at reasonable prices, through to low cost poultry supplies  such as chicken wire and electrified poultry netting to prevent your chickens from escaping and to protect them from foxes. 


Once you’re up and running you may be so enthralled you decide you'd like to increase your stock. Be warned, however: when it comes to hatching you may not find a broody hen just when you need one!


That's when an incubator will come in handy and it's important to choose the right one for your needs. As a starter chicken keeper an automatic incubator such as the Brinsea Mini Advance is better than a manual one if you don't have sufficient time to spare to attend to your eggs over the number of days required. 


Next stop: Some tips for keeping your chickens safe from predators and, get going with your tasks for keeping chickens…


View our free guide to keeping chickens. 


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Mole Valley Farmers

posted by Miranda Piercy


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