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Some tips for keeping your chickens safe from predators.

tips for keepting your chickens safe from predators


Protecting your chickens from predators should be high on your list of priorities when planning to keep poultry.  


Key UK chicken predators include foxes, badgers, birds of prey, dogs and cats,  rats and mice. Not only is there the risk of disease, injury or fatality from predators, but they can also stress your chickens by chasing or worrying them which can stop them from laying eggs for you.


The right fencing protection is always the most reliable measure as it keeps your chickens in and predators out, but don't forget other sensible precautions.


Train your chickens to return to the coop at night and lock them away. It is important that you do this - when your chickens will be at their most vulnerable - as this is also the time when predators are at their most active and on the hunt for a meal. Set your hen house on fine chicken wire so rats cannot burrow up through the open floor and remove or securely cover feeders and waterers in the run which could attract vermin.


Fencing-wise, electric fencing is the best option as it works by emitting a short, harmless shock to inquisitive predators which completely deters them. Predators only get a shock if some part of their body, for example their feet, are touching the ground when they come in contact with the fence as the fence will only give a shock if it can go to earth.


Most chicken keepers opt for electric netting because it gives them a 'blanket coverage' going up from ground level so that even very small birds are protected.


The basic components of electric netting are a net, an energiser and an earth safe. If you are just starting out a starter poultry electric fence kit will make your life easier as everything you need has been put together for you and all the components are compatible with each other.


Electric fencing will provide you with years of protection from predators.




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Mole Valley Farmers

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