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How to Look After Your Kitten

How to look after your Kitten - 5 steps to a healthy happy kitten.

how to look after your kitten - kitten guide

Have you ever needed simple and clear advice on how to look after your kitten?

The team at Mole Valley Farmers is well known for their knowledge of all creatures great and small so whether you need advice on how to flea your kitten or what products to use to help keep your farm animals healthy, Mole Valley Farmers can help.  
The team has put together a handy guide for looking after your new kitten and here are a few of the steps you can take to have a playful, healthy kitty:
1. Settling in can be fun for the family but can be stressful for your new kitten so keep her world quiet and small to start with.  Give her a new toy, litter tray, bed, food and drink and keep her in one room slowly opening up the rest of the house as she gains confidence.
2. Be sure to speak to a vet about vaccines and worming so that you get the best advice you can.  Our pet vets can help with this planning.
3. When talking to the vets be sure to plan in a flea programme as prevention is better than cure and it’s not just your kitten that will be thankful; no-one want to be covered in flea bites.
4. Feed your kitten well as the first year’s nutrition will have an impact on the health of your cat during her whole life.  Did you know that cats cannot digest lactose?  So be sure that you don’t use cow’s milk and find a cat milk that is suitable.
5. Pet insurance can be helpful and provide peace of mind as your kitten grows and becomes more mischievous.
For a more comprehensive guide you can download our free kitten care guide which may be a handy tool to keep with all of your pet’s documents.
Published by Kelly Quance

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 Mole Valley Farmers' team of experts.

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