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Built to Last - Kranzle Pressure Washers

Kranzle pressure washers

Pressure Washers - They're Not All The Same!

Kranzle pressure washers for the farm or business built for average daily use of around 3 hours.

The Kranzle company is exceptional because it is a true manufacturer of high pressure cleaners.

Between 80 and 90% of the components in a Kranzle machine are made by the company in their own factories in Bavaria, Germany. Even electric motors are made by the company to perfectly match the pumps and give maximum performance and reliability, the machine’s super strong chassis and rotationally moulded plastic covers are made in house. It is Kranzle’s policy to invest in production machinery that gives them independence from outside suppliers and the best possible quality control.

The company has manufactured their own pumps for nearly 40 years and quality, reliability and durability have always been vitally important. The pumps are made from hot forged brass and stainless steel, the quality of the brass pump head is so high that this part has a 10 year anti-corrosion guarantee. Another major feature of every Kranzle pump is the ceramic coated pump pistons. The pistons are made from high quality stainless steel which is blasted with ceramic at 30,000°C and then diamond polished. This produces a very thin, smooth and hard wearing surface that cannot crack or craze. The pumps have twin high pressure water seals with an air gap between them and the oil seals. Teflon and graphite wear rings on the pistons provide dry running protection and the valves have stainless steel seats and poppers. Every single machine and even individual guns and lances are tested before they leave the factory to ensure that their performance is perfect and Kranzle’s strict quality control measures are met.

Kranzle do not build lightweight machines suitable only for home use. Even the smallest machine is designed for an average daily use of around three hours, this means that there is a model suitable for every cleaning requirement. Their pressure washers are built to meet the requirements of demanding applications, give many years of reliable service and be excellent value for money.

The warranty is 24 months for domestic use and 12 months for commercially used machines. Commercial warranty can be extended to 24 months by having the machine serviced in accordance with its amount of use by an approved Servicing Agent during the 1st and 2nd years.
Mole Valley Farmers have supplied Kranzle equipment for over 20 years and are an approved Sales and Service Agent for the whole product range.


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Graham Venning, Tools & Hardware Product Manager

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