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Molecare Calf Scour Formula - available in store and online


Mole Valley Farmers has added to its range of Molecare products with Molecare calf scour formula.

The Molecare calf scour formula is an electrolyte formula for use in cases of risk of, during periods of, or following periods of digestive disturbance in calves.
Contains energy, electrolytes and speciality ingredients to help restore water balance and reduce symptoms of scour.


Our head vet - Mark Riggs BVetMed MRCVS (head vet until December 2014) says "The constituent ingredients of calf scour formulations and their benefits are always hotly debated. 


Prior to commencing any therapy for calf diarrhoea attempts should always be made to understand the underlying pathophysiology and/or causal agent. 


This should be based on veterinary advice.  Once a clear diagnosis has been reached scour formulations should be considered as only part of a treatment regime. 


Fluid therapy, the judicious use of antibiotics where required and the use of anti inflammatory medications all have clearly documented and evidence based beneficial effects when treating calves with diarrhoea. 


Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the use of pectin with many authors classifying pectin as “not recommended” (Constable: Vet Clin Food Admin 25 (2009) 101-120)."



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