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Mole Valley Farmers Mill at Bridgwater

My Trip to Mole Valley Farmers Mill at Bridgwater 

Friday 14th March

Mole Valley Farmers Mill is where the compound feed is manufactured which is distributed via articulated lorries to direct customers and supplied stores.

On my first week at Mole Valley Farmers I spent the first four days of the week at the head office at South Molton in the marketing department. On Friday I got the opportunity to head down to Bridgwater to have a look around the mill and find out what kind of things take place there. 
Once I had arrived at Bridgwater I couldn’t believe I had lived in Bridgwater all of my life and I hadn’t even realised the mill was situated at Huntworth, kind of tucked away behind some other buildings. Once I arrived Chris introduced me to some of the employees there, after we then went in to the warehouse area where all of the stock is stored and loaded on to pallets in order to be dispatched to stores.
I found the robot looking arm really interesting as I watched it load the pallets with bags of feed, I love the way it has been programmed to load the bags on to the pallet precisely as it reminded me of the robots you see on the Citroen car advert.
We then moved up stairs where I got a chance to have look at the mixtures being made, I was amazed at the heat of the wheat while it was being processed, and I love the live telemetry dashboards of the mill which tell you what material is at present and if there are any issues or overheating.
Finally we went back down stairs to have a look at quality control where all of the incoming product from the lorries has a sample that is taken, and then checked to ensure that the quality of the product is not contaminated or deformed in anyway.
It was a fantastic afternoon, as I never realised the secret operation was happening right on my door step!
Thanks Mole Valley 

Images taken from Mole Valley Farmers Mill 


(Image of Digital Telemetry Dashboard)  (Image of Robotic Arm )     (Image of Mixture Process)


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Posted by James Bull

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