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Support Older Horses For Improved Performance


Why Use NAF Five Star Superlex?

New NAF Five Star Superflex Senior is a synergistic blend of targeted nutrients to support older horses or those with a little more joint mileage on the clock. High levels of glucosamine, MSM and chondroitin along with the addition of omega 3 and antioxidants work together to support the body’s own anti-inflammatory response, vital for older horses and to maintain joint function for improved performance.  

Senior management for flexibility for life means even greater levels of joint care and riders such as Paul Tapner with 15 year old ADV/CCI**** Eventer Kilronan and Bobby Hayler with 13 year old Grand Prix Dressage horse Aldborough Rubinhall have already promoted their horses to Superflex Senior - Aldborough Rubinhall is also the cover star on the pot! 


22 year old Warmblood Duke is also a fan, his owner says ‘ I know NAF make excellent products but I was shocked at the improvement in him after only a week, his old bounce returned and after a month he has really maintained his Joie de Vivre, thank you NAF!’


Promote your horse to Senior Management with NAF Five Star Superflex Senior for Flexibility for Life. 


For further details please call the NAF Freephone Nutritional Advice line 0800 373106 or email [email protected] .  


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Melissa Newman, NAF Brand Manager

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