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New Range of Dairy Hygiene Products

Mole Valley Farmers Dairy Hygiene Products

Our Dairy Hygiene Specialist Gemma Rowland comments:

With the continued shift from contagious to environmental pathogens, combined with the increasing threat of elevated somatic cell counts (SCC’s) and mastitis in recent years, it is vital that we address all areas of our dairy management. Although pre and post milking products offer valuable tools to defend the herd, reducing the bacteria load in the environment must be a top priority.

Individual farm approaches through mastitis control programmes have enabled many successes in revealing seasonal trends and areas of potential weakness within the lactation or dry periods. However, it is vital that a robust plan is in place to both control existing infections as well as preventing new ones from occurring.

Although the control of mastitis during the lactation period is generally given greatest focus, the dry period is often overlooked but it is a critical area to protect. Recent studies have found that a significant number of clinical and subclinical infections during the first and second months of lactation, originate from the dry cow environmental period.

Controlling environmental mastitis during the summer months, is generally focused towards pre and post cow preparations. Focusing time and effort on these areas will help to reduce the environmental pathogens which in turn will impact antibiotic use and increase the effectiveness of pre and post teat dipping.

The selection of pre/post products should be a carefully considered decision. Balancing the advantages of herd health costs, availability and impact on teat and udder health.

Depending on the type of product used, ensuring it is applied correctly is key, alongside good application and preparation, to ensure its ability to inhibit bacterial growth is maximised.

The battle to control SCC’s or mastitis this season is unlikely to be in one defined area. However, a comprehensive plan for managing the environment within the milking herd is a vital place to start.

For a comprehensive review of your dairy hygiene or to discuss our range of products call Gemma Rowland on 07896 813450.

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