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Parasite Control in Cattle

Parasite Control Parasite Control at Housing

Parasite Control at Housing

Housing is the ideal time to consider parasite control in cattle.  

Obvious signs of disease due to worm and fluke burden are diarrhoea, weight loss and poor appetite, however once these signs are seen a large amount of damage has already been caused.  Even a low level parasite burden will result in decreased feed intakes and reduced growth rates.  This is not only detrimental to cattle’s health, but with reduced feed conversion efficiency will affect profitability.
Several products are available for the treatment of worms and liver fluke so careful consideration must be taken to decide which product is best for your situation.  Take into account timing of housing and dosing, alongside worm burden and fluke risk in your area and withhold periods.
Molemec Super is licensed to treat gut worms, encysted round worms, lungworms and adult stages of liver fluke.  Delaying treatment until 8 weeks post housing will ensure all fluke picked up over the autumn have reached the adult stage of their lifecycle and are all killed.  If a high worm burden is suspected two doses may be given; the first at housing to remove any worms and adult fluke and the second 8 weeks later to ensure removal of all fluke.
Molemec Super injection is an ideal medicine for the treatment of fluke burden; other medicines are available online.

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Rebecca Vallis, one of our resident vets.

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