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Autumn Horse Riding Essentials from Mole Valley Farmers


Autumn horse riding

How to get ready for Autumn Horse Riding

Firstly, riders will want to ensure that all of their essential equipment is in good condition. Riding hats are one of the most vital items for keeping riders safe, and replacing them if damaged or too worn really is a matter of urgency. Champion Ventair Riding Hats are available in a range of different sizes and styles, which is important for ensuring that the hat fits properly. Warm and waterproof clothing and footwear are also worth investing in as we approach autumn, and a good pair of boots are sure to make riding comfortable year after year; Toggi have some excellent gear..

Secondly, sensible horse riders will want to make sure that their horse gets similar treatment. The most pressing concern that autumn brings is that horses will develop a thick winter coat, which is ideal for those that live unrugged outdoors, but a hindrance for horses that work regularly; their coat causes them to sweat heavily. September or October is the best time to start clipping, which means that now is the best time to invest in a Lister Star or Legato Pack. There are lots of different clippers available, so make sure to check out the benefits of each clipper set before purchasing.
Worming should be carried out all year round with a variety of horse wormers to ensure that horses do not become overwormed, but autumn is a particularly important time to review worming programs as prolonged grazing means that horses are heavily exposed to parasites.
Whilst searching for these essential items, why not take a look at a sheepskin numnah, which can help prevent sores, and consider investing in a JFC wheelbarrow to make it easy to transport all the hay horses need for the winter.

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 Autumn horse riding  

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