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Bulk up silage stocks with some last minute round baling

Last minute round baling

The strong summer season this year has meant that farmers across the country still have the opportunity to make round bale silage and thanks to Mole Valley Farmers, you can still stock up and prepare for good last minute silage stocks to add to your harvest.

The poor weather from last year has meant that the planting of spring crops had to be delayed and, thankfully for farmers, the excellent summer weather has meant that yields and crop weights have so far been good, as has the production of quality straw. Bearing in mind that farmers will need to be prepared  for what is predicted to be another long winter it is essential to make the most of any grass growth which can be harvested quickly to see animals through the autumn and winter, Mole Valley Farmers have plenty of products and advice that will ensure that this goes smoothly and successfully.

Mole Valley Farmers have a range of crop packaging solutions, including Bale Wrap, Net Wrap and NoTyreTex; these high quality round baling solutions all ensure that farmers will be able to complete their haym without any trouble.

Mole Valley Farmers are also particularly happy to introduce Net Wrap to their customers, a baling solution that offers more value for money than competitors, and that doesn't compromise on quality. Check out the Mole Valley Farmers guide to Net Wrap problems and solutions for tips, points to remember and answers to Frequently Asked Questions about one of their most efficient and cost effective round baling solutions.

Get ready for some last minute silage making with Mole Valley Farmers and reap some more of the benefits that this year's great weather has brought for UK farmers. Check out their full range of crop packaging products and other farming essentials by visiting your local store today.



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