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A review of Seeland Wellington Boots

Seeland Welly Review

My Seeland Boots Review #UniInMyWellies by Catherine Corbett

University in my wellies has been great fun! I was presented with a pair of Seelands to trial and having only had Aigles in the past two years I was intrigued to find out the difference between these wellingtons. My Aigles, my favourite wellington brand, were £80 to buy and that would be the maximum I would spend on wellington boots. For that price I expect wellingtons to last for a minimum of 3 years under intense work and longer for less intense work. When working at home on the dairy farm I am in my wellingtons for 12 hours in one day; 6am till midday for morning milking and various jobs and 3pm till 9pm for evening milking and feeding. At home I wear my wellies in the milking parlour where they are exposed to very hot water, slurry (lots!), detergent, water and milk! I wear them to get the cows in for milking, putting the cows back, feeding the cows and calves and general maintenance on the farm. 

When on holiday and not working on the farm I ride so the wellies are used to get in the horse and for mucking out. I also wear wellies to social events such as racing, following the hunt and dog walking. This means that when on holiday I wear my wellies for 3 or 4 hours a day.


As having just started at The Royal Agricultural University (#TeamCiren!) I wear nothing but my trial wellies. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat (in my wellies!) I wear them especially on the uni farm walks. Therefore at university wellies are worn for an average of 5 hours per day. 


When I first thrust my foot in my trial Seelands I first off noted how tight they were. They fitted first time but the neoprene leg cover gripped my calf which was a strange sensation. There was no insole but the foot size was comfortable. They were fitted so low down on my leg which was a little uncomfortable and looked more like mucker out boots, making me also feel uncomfortable by standing out amongst my peers. As this was the case I would only pay £30 for these boots and would not buy these trial boots in the future.


 If I could improve these trial boots I would make them taller in the leg and not as tight but above all more aesthetically pleasing. I put the boots through their paces trialling them on the farms, on country walks, at the ball, milking, at home, at Halloween, on British Television (Countryfile!!) and in the snow in Canada! The greatest challenge was driving; quad bikes were fine but driving my car was too difficult as I could not feel the pedals in the car. My favourite bit of taking part in this competition was meeting the other members of ‘Team Ciren’ and getting to know them when working as a team when taking photographs. 


You can read more about the #UniInMyWellies project and sign up for 2014-2015 here and  don't forget to have a look at our welly gallery too.


Catherine's boots were provided by Seeland.


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Catherine Corbett, overall winner of #TeamCiren in the #UniInMyWellies project.

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