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Get set for the shooting season with Mole Valley Farmers

Ready for the shooting season?



We are already in the first few weeks of the shooting season, but there’s plenty more to come. Make sure you don’t miss a chance to bag some game with Mole Valley Farmers’ gun equipment.


The shooting season has already begun for many wild animals, such as the Grey Partridge, Red Legged Partridge, Red Grouse, Duck, Goose, Common Snipe and Golden Plover, plus many more. But with the likes of the Pheasant and Woodcock shooting seasons on the horizon, now is the time to make sure you have all the essential equipment you need beforehand.  

If shooting is one of your passions then you will know that choosing shotgun cartridges can be a vital decision. The array of different cartridges is vast with the Viri/Fob range, the Express, Eley, Gamebore and Lyalvale Express all popular with shooters, but all in all there is very little to choose between them in quality; the difference is in the type of gun and your personal taste. With the majority of shooting seasons in their early days, trying a variety of cartridge types now will help you realise which brand suits you best. Don't forget to bring your shotgun certificate with you when purchasing cartridges.

Another point to consider during the shooting season is safety. With this in mind, we refer to the Home Office’s Firearms Security guide which recommends that all shooters should keep their guns stored in locked gun cabinets. Secure storage places like the brattonsound rl5+ gun cabinet are a good option for making sure your firearm is locked safely away from your children and other people. 

And finally, you will need to make sure that all your clothing, including your waterproofs, is still up to the job. The last thing you need when out on a shoot are leaky wellington boots or hiking boots, so check that your outdoor clothes do not need to be changed before your first shoot of the season. With all this in mind, visit your nearest Mole Valley Farmers store to keep ahead of the game! 

This year we are running a great competition for all shooters, if you are interested in winning a fabulous 250 bird days shooting at Hall Shoot in North Devon click here >





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posted by Trudy Herniman

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