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Stay Warm and Dry This Autumn and Winter

 Some items to help you stay warm and dry during autumn and winterSome items to help you stay warm and dry during autumn and winter


Some items to help you stay warm and dry during autumn and winter


We're now into September, meaning that the sunshine of the UK summer will soon be making way for the blustery wind and rain of autumn, with winter close behind. This means that there will be a big change in our wardrobe, throwing the shorts and skirts to one side and filling the rails with more practical clothing. If you feel the need to pick up some new garments for the colder months, here are some handy tips to keep you warm and dry. 


If you, like so many of our customers, earn your trade while working outside, there's nothing worse than spending the day exposed to the elements without warm and comfortable clothing. Our range of Hoggs working climate clothes tackles this issue at the core, offering a complete line which is 100% windproof, highly water resistant and fully insulated. Created by the esteemed Hoggs of Fife company, the clothing range is the perfect purchase for those looking to take to the outdoors. Items made from the highest quality, they are designed to last and ensure you don't get a nasty surprise when Mr Frost first makes an appearance. 


Another great way to battle against the cold and wet is by taking advantage of the robust Barbour leggings, which provide a protective lower-body shield that are perfect if you are working with animals. Featuring a non-permeable waxy coating, they are highly resistant against stains while also promising to keep your legs dry. The leggings feature press-stud fastening and can be attached to a trouser-belt, making them a highly convenient product which you can slip on or off whenever you wish.


Finally, there's no point keeping your body warm and dry if you start the job without the appropriate footwear; your toes are liable to frostbite so it's very important to protect them while you brave the great outdoors. The Dr Martens dealer boot provides the perfect fit when combined with some suitable socks, featuring an air sole for ultimate comfort, a high quality leather upper for complete protection, and a pull-on back so they can be slipped on and off with ease. A popular choice that is exclusive designed for ladies, meanwhile, is the range of Harry Hall snow boots, which offers a combination of comfort, protection, and, just as importantly, great style. 


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