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Getting ready for spring in the garden

With spring on the way it's time to get out into the garden

With the best weather and spring on it's way, it's time to think about getting out into the garden.

On a fine day when the ground is not too waterlogged or frozen get your garden tools out, dig your soil over and clear up any rubbish. If you've got a greenhouse give it a good clean out and make any necessary repair.


When this work is out of the way you can reward yourself by putting your feet up with a cuppa in the warm and enjoy dreaming up your planting plan and what you need to buy to realise it.


It’s also sensible to draw up your budget in readiness for all the items you will need. Now’s when you start asking yourself questions as you review your garden. Is your shed stocked with the right tools and supplies? Is your fencing in good repair? Are you going to install some decking this year?


It’s a good idea to buy your compost and seeds and stock up on weed killer early to blitz those winter weeds now.


You can also while away many a happy hour being productive in your greenhouse at this time of year. If you don’t have one, mini green houses are an option especially for those with small gardens. They are cheaper to buy than a greenhouse, easy to assemble within a few minutes without tools, and their polypropylene covers provide maximum protection to plants during winter. They are also better than a cold frame as you can grow taller plants in them, with their shelving a bonus providing more flexible space for growing.


You can start sowing crops such as chillies, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, radish, onions, broad beans, leeks, early cabbages, spinach and turnips in the greenhouse now.


An early start is beneficial for both these crops and you!


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Mole Valley Farmers

posted by Miranda Piercy

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