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With the return of spring it is time to service the lawnmower ready for the first cut of the season.

Its time to get the lawnmower out

Getting the lawmower out for the first cut of the season

With the sun making a welcome return it definitely feels like spring is just around the corner. With that in mind and the ground drying out I along with many others got the lawnmower out of the shed and prepared for the first cut of the season.

Our lawnmower has been better days, the drive is slipping and the deck has been patched up, our lawn is on a bit on an incline so having the mower in tip top condition is essential. But after topping up the engine oil, and sharpening the blades with the angle grinder and a bit of TLC it started first time.

I avoided mowing over the daffodils which I had carefully planted last autumn and managed (only just) not to choke it up completely and stall it, much to the surprise of my husband!

That said I think it is really to do something about its replacement and I have found just the thing. The Mountfield Mole Master is new and exclusive to Mole Valley Farmers with and introductory offer saving £70. Mountfield are a trusted brand and it is an exciting development for Mole Valley Farmers to be working in partnership with them to offer this to our customers. Purchase is in store only and I headed off to our nearest store to check it out along with the range that they have there. After looking longingly at the ride-on mowers (well I do have a large garden to mow) I decided that it would be perfect for what we need.

Of course on the plus side if I invested in a new lawnmower then I would have more time to sit out of the decking enjoying the sunshine and a nice cold beer.


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Mole Valley Farmers
posted by Trudy Herniman

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