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time for turnout, time to check over your electric fencing

Time for turnout, time to check your electric fencing

Unlike last year spring arrived pretty much arrived when predicted with lush green grass in abundance in many fields.

Farmers are planning an early harvest to maximise their forage stocks and  also know that it is time for turnout.

This also means it is time to look at fencing requirements. As well as checking over stock fencing, it’s time to get into the barn and have a look over your electric fencing from when it was put away at the end of last season.

Is it still in good order? Do you need new energisers, batteries or tape?

Many find that electric fencing is the most economical way to enclose your animals and keep pests and predators out.


Electric fencing is harmless, easy to install and is likely to last much longer than ordinary fencing.

With less strain being put on the fence itself due to the animals avoiding it after experiencing their first shock, the life expectancy of the fence is preserved.

Having taken the time to listen to and understand our customers and what they expect from us and our merchandise, and working with leading manufacturers we have been able to develop a range of our own brand of top quality products that we are confident will satisfy everyone’s needs.

We have also produced our electric fencing product guide with all the info you need to install your electric fence.  -


Electric Fence Product Guide

Download your own copy of our Guide to Electric Fencing.




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Mole Valley Farmers

posted by Trudy Herniman

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