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A winner for the #UniInMyWellies project has been announced

Uni in my wellies winner

Harper Adams University students walk away with top welly award in the #UniInMyWellies Project

A team of ten students from Harper Adams University have become the inaugural winners of the Mole Valley Farmers “Uni in my wellies” cup.

Following the launch of the challenge through social media to find welly testers at the two agricultural universities; Harper Adams University, Shropshire and Royal Agricultural University, Cirencester, a vigorous competition ensued between the two academic establishments during the first term.

The ten welly testers from each university were required to provide feedback on the range of wellingtons they were trialling for a term, using a range of social media applications such as Twitter and Pinterest, using the hash tag #UniInMyWellies; you can read more about it here.

Caroline Rowden, Product Manager for Mole Valley Farmers and responsible for the competitions inception commented

We have been awe struck by the teams and the insight into their lives over the past few months. The winners have been selected and Team Harper, hands down, won the overall prize and the Uni in my wellies cup. The number of reviews, the volume and quality of the images taken and their team effort led to their overall victory”  

Further selection and deliberation was required to identify winning students from each university and this proved to be a much harder task.  Finally, the individual winners were identified as: Catherine Corbett from Royal Agricultural University and Grace Munro-Henworth from Harper Adams University. Catherine trialled a pair of Seeland neoprene lined wellingtons, whilst Grace trialled a pair of Dunlop Purofort professional full safety boots.  Grace’s social media interaction so impressed Dunlop, that she has been asked to continue to tweet about her time at University in her wellies.

You will be able to read some of the reviews from the students in our online news feed so pop back and have a read.

Not only did the winning team receive the Mole Valley Farmers “Uni in my wellies cup”, there was also:

£150 Mole Valley Farmers vouchers

Individual winners were able to upgrade their trial wellington boots from the Aigle Parcours 2 ISO range

The opportunity to have 3 days of commercial experience with Mole Valley Farmers, tailored to their specific course

The opportunity to network and gain a reference from a senior manager of Mole Valley Farmers

Team Harper:

Charlotte Beaty

Harriet Sims

Lauren Johnston

Romy Jackson

Charlie Davies

Charlotte Bolton

Bradley Humber

Rebecca Kelsall

Grace Munro-Henworth

Richard Drake

Team Ciren:

Sam Wakeham

Olivia Yates

Lauren Hayhoe

Rebecca Hicks

Tara Dickinson-Barry

Lorna Evans

Catherine Corbett

Josephine Pitman

Bertie Hayton

Bethan Randles



Source Details

Julie Edwards, Head of Agricultural Marketing and Corporate Communications

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