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Veal rearing opportunities for farmers

Veal Opportunities

Veal production for the UK market has been steadily growing in recent years, but as the demand is still limited, it is important not to flood the market with young bulls before a reliable outlet has been secured.

Dorset based Tarrant Valley Livestock have developed a successful system which supplies British veal using black and white calves to selected retail customers and delivers an attractive outlet for dairy farmers and potential calf rearers. They have negotiated a contract for their high welfare British veal programme, which is available to farmers within a 2 hour haul of Bodmin and offers a real opportunity to sell black and white bull calves to good advantage.

The key points to this offer are as follows:

• Animals must achieve 125kg+ dead weight at under 8 months of age.

• Farms will need to be Red Tractor and Freedom Foods accredited.

You will become an exclusive supplier to a market leading and award winning brand, which in turn could offer a significant addition to your farm’s bottom line, utilisation of existing skill sets, maximisation of on farm resources and a quick turnaround (animals usually off farm by 7 months).

If you would like further information or to arrange a visit to your farm, please contact

Marcus Williams on 07802 581400 or
Lachie Maclachlan on 07818 542859.

Lachie is our beef and sheep specialist and is able to assist on all aspects of beef and sheep nutrition.

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Mole Valley Farmers
posted by Trudy Herniman

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