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What To Feed Your Birds this Winter

25kg bag of bird peanuts

For many, one of the joys of having a garden has always been watching the birds, with a wide variety of species stopping by throughout the day in search of something to eat or simply to take advantage of exploring your private piece of nature. If you are keen to attract more birds to your garden, leaving them a tasty treat could prove to be the perfect ticket; here are just a few ideas you could offer to make your backyard into a paradise for winged wildlife.

A favourite delicacy of birds is dried nuts and seeds, with wild bird peanuts especially proving to be irresistible to almost every bird species native to the region. High in essential protein and oils, they offer long term health benefits and energy to keep them in perfect shape. If you are interested in purchasing some for your garden, buying a 25kg bag of bird peanuts will give you the perfect bulk supply to ensure you don't run out any time soon. To ensure whether the peanuts you're buying are safe for the garden, it's advisable to check if they are aflatoxin tested. While these can be scattered on a surface or a section of grass, placing the peanuts inside a specialised feeder offers the best chance to admire the birds while they grab a bite to eat. 
In terms of natural seeds to use, among the best to choose is Nyjer seed, which contains a high oil and protein content. This wild bird seed is particularly favourable for chaffinches and siskins. These should again be provided in a specialist feeder, although it is advisable to not hang over your lawn because the seeds can drop and begin to grow through the grass. 
Fat balls have always proved a favourite amongst winged wildlife, with one hung out in the garden attracting a variety of species to flock in search of a feast. High quality fat balls that are high in energy are available to purchase from most pet shops, but others choose to make them at home by combining solid fat with a mix of bird seed, porridge oats, nuts, raisins, dried mealworms and other kitchen scraps. 
Although not a food source, installing a bird bath is a great method for attracting the birds to your sanctuary. Creating a mini watering hole that is reminiscent of the African Savannah, bird baths offers the chance for everything from robins to chaffinches to come and freshen up. 

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