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Top tips for preparing your fences for the new season

Keep an eye on your fences this winter

Check over your fencing in time for the winter

Bringing extended spells of wind and rain, the winter isn't a period which many look forward to. For those who keep animals, your situation could easily become far worse if you don't have the adequate fencing to stop your livestock from going AWOL. Whether you own a smallholding for a few chickens, or a large-scale farm for cattle, here are a few helpful tips to bear in mind to ensure you don't suffer any fencing frustrations.

If you aren't already, be sure to get into the habit of regularly inspecting your sections of fencing. This is particularly important to do if you have just installed a new
electric fence or a section of chicken wire, ensuring that the lengths are always covering the desired place and minimising the risk of escape.


While electric fences are a great deterrent against escape, you could be in for a nasty shock if your livestock escapes because your electric fence energiser fails. To tackle this problem easily, why not put your mind at ease by using the Hotline Falcon. This is fantastically realizable 12V battery fencing energiser which comes complete with a low battery LED indicator, so you never have to be caught out because of a lack of power.


If you do come across a problem which needs solving in quick time, it could become quite a dilemma if your tools aren't up to the job. Whether you're after a fencing wire crimp tool to keep your fencing securely connected to the posts, a fencing tension tool to ensure no slack section is left unchecked, or even a pack of gripple connectors to securely patch up a hole, the full range of fencing equipment and accessories available from Mole Valley Farmers will get you more than ready to keep your fences safe and secure during the winter months. One of our favourite products is the Hayes Ezepull Fencing Tool, a 4-in-1 tool which can easily crimp, pull wire, cut wire and pull out old staples.


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