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Enjoy winter with a new pair of wellies

Winter Boots from Mole Valley Farmers


Embrace winter with some quality wellies from Mole Valley Farmers

The Met Office recorded that this summer was the driest on record since 2006, but that is not to say that a dry winter is to follow. With the UK experiencing a wetter than average winter last year, which caused many to be trapped by flooding and snow, it is recommended that people prepare for the coming cold season with a pair of high quality wellies.

With classic green men's wellies a common sight on farms, some may assume that this type of footwear is just for those in the agricultural trade, but wellies should be regarded as an essential for all who live in rural and urban areas alike. The start of last year saw many people unable to venture out of their houses as the pavements became hazardous following the onset of snow; even those who have waterproof footwear can struggle and even injure themselves, as many forget that shoes can suffer from abrasion unless they have reinforced ribbing on the soles, like these Aigle Benyl boots.

Whilst transport complications are heavily publicised in the winter months, it is also important to bear in mind the difficulty much of the public face just leaving their homes. Wellies don't always have a reputation for comfort, which perhaps leads many to brave the elements with the incorrect footwear. Yet there are products available that have comfort and safety as equal priorities, such as the Aigle Parcours 2 Iso, that supports the foot and optimises movement, thanks to two years of painstaking research into their design.

Mole Valley Farmers offer advice on wellies for all needs, available to access via website or email enquiry form.


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