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Bekina Steplite X Boot Review

 Bekina Steplite X

A Review of the Bekina Steplite X Wellies


I have been testing the Bekina steplite-X. First impressions, they are not the best looking of wellington. Despite the looks these boots are on the whole a very good wellington. I found the Bekina’s very comfortable for all tasks. The large insoles that come with the boots are a good feature that makes the wellington very comfortable and warm. I used the wellingtons for all tasks involved on the farm. The wellingtons excelled in the milking parlour. The grippy bottoms where very useful and never let me down on the drains and numerous slippery surfaces in the parlour. I found my wellies very comfortable when I was working in them all day during the Christmas holidays. The weather was wet and cold but my feet managed to stay warm. The wellies where also good in the parlour because they where resistant to most chemicals and did not seem to take much notice of any chemicals being on them. The grippy bottoms are thick and durable. My prediction would be that the wellies would last a long time as they are very hardy and durable. 


One down side to the Bekina’s would be that they are a little short. I say this because on the odd occasion I had trouble with my overalls coming out the top and falling over the welly. Resulting in the next time I look down I see that my leg is covered in mud. This problem was easily resolved buy just tucking my overalls into my socks. 


Would I buy the wellies? The answer.... yes I think I would. I found the wellies very comfortable and warm. For me they were easy to work in and handled all the paces I put them through. The price of them the boots is also affordable especially when I can see they will last a long time bo matter what the conditions. 



Review by Sam Wakeham


Sam's boots were supplied by Bekina.

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Sam Wakeham #Team Ciren in the #UniInMyWellies project

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