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Aigle Bison Chilli Wellies at Glastonbury

RockYour Wellies

Rock Your Wellies A Review of Aigle Bison Chilli Boots

Thanks to the Mole Valley team for the opportunity to try out these wellies!

It has to be said that anything short of full length waders would have struggled with the splatter of this years Glastonbury mudfest, but despite the short length these little beauties did me proud. The vibrant red made them an instant hit with me & the length makes them a bit more of a stylish option around the festival site. Despite slippery conditions the grip on these kept me on my feet throughout. Comfy to wear, I survived the whole weekend on my feet without a blister, however, owing to the shorter length welly socks are a must in order to avoid an uncomfortable calf rub. After a bit of a scrub & hose down they were like new for Somersault in July where the weather was somewhat kinder to us, so flip flops were the less sweaty option! These guys did get a day out though following a torrential downpour which left the unprepared revellers offering me money for them!! Also perfect for a trip to the shower block to brush your teeth in the mornings where, no matter what the weather, there will always be a mudbath going on. 

Not just festival wear, these wellies have continued to shine on dog walks. I'm happy to wear these on wetter school runs too as they make a more stylish alternative to long wellies & get loads of comments. Definitely a pair I'd buy another of, for when my longer wellies are just too heavy. 

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Hannah's boots were supplied by Aigle.

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Hannah Garnett from the 2014 #RockYourWellies project

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