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New Year's Alternative Feeds Resolution Suggestions.

Alternative Feeds updates from Judith Clifford, Senior Alternative Feeds Trader

New year’s suggestions from the Alternative Feeds Team at Lifton Mill.

Start the year with these new year's resolutions from Judith Clifford, Senior Alternative Feeds Trader.

1. Sign up for the weekly Straights Newsletter by ringing 01566 780261 to add your email address or fax number to the mailing list. This provides up-to-date market information and price guides. This free of charge service brings in any timely or relative topics of concern from macroeconomics to the best value raw material to buy. We can also send you our Alternative Feeds Guide on request.

2. Check out the wide range of products supplied through your local office – Lifton 01566 780261, Carmarthen 01267 223716 or Hungerford 01488 240010 - Straights, moist feeds including brewers grains, blends, pressed pulp, stockfeed potatoes, cereals, molasses, fats, bagged straights, biscuit meal, processed bread, organic straights, buckets and blocks, cubicle lime, caustic soda pearls, monopropylene glycol, caustic treated wheat, barley and maize.

3. Look into the labour saving benefits of feeding Mole Maxi Starch treated wheat, barley or maize. We have been treating grain with Maxammon in our dedicated site in Somerset for over a year now and have seen it gain in popularity over that time. This unique process raises the protein level and the pH (currently testing around 9) providing an effective rumen buffer and so minimising the risk of acidosis. The Maxi range is an excellent way to supply controlled dietary starch into the ration, is easy to store and unattractive to vermin. There is also a range of minerals suitable to enhance this range.

4. Have a look at the range of moist feeds we currently manufacture. These are not just forage extenders but will encourage feed intake by improving the overall palatability of the diet. Our latest blend is Mole Pro Maize Grains which incorporates brewers’ grains, crimped maize and home produced rapemeal providing improved performance and cost saving from greater intakes and a safer form of starch while reducing the need for protein when fed with low protein forages.

5. Don’t forget the importance of incorporating fats in the diet. Megalac is the market leading rumen protected fat, providing energy for improved milk yield, fertility and general health. We also supply rumen protected fats with extremely high energy and C16 fatty acids to boost milk production and milk fat content. Proving popular is GlucoseAid which is designed to improve the energy balance in freshly calved cows by reducing ketosis (energy stress). The combination of ingredients is protected and provides a unique mixture of very high levels of bypass energy, bypass glucose, liver booster pack and unique insulin enhancing sugars. Available on one tonne pallets of 25kg bags.

6. Place all straights orders in good time to allow at least a few days for delivery. Some direct delivered products require 7 working days. We will always do our best to deliver when required but the longer we have the easier it is to plan.

7. Look forward to a good year’s trading with the Mole Valley Feed Solutions traders.

Source Details

Article from MVF Newsletter - 608 - January 2015

Written by Judith Clifford - Senior Alternative Feeds Trader

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