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Stop the Attack of the Aphids and Pests with Our Aphid Spray and Bug Killer



Prevent an Attack of the Aphids with Aphid Spray! 

Bug killer and aphid spray to stop significant damage to your garden greenery. 


At this time of year aphids can be a real nuisance in your garden and cause significant damage to the garden plant life. Stop their damage with some aphid spray! 


It’s always wise to keep a good eye out for pests such as aphids and their tell-tale signs:

  • Aphids come in all sorts of different colours, such as black, red, brown, yellow and green.
  • Ahids cause damage to plants by sucking the sap from the leaves causing yellowing and leaf curling.
  • You may see these pests on the leaves of your plants.
  • Try getting rid of the aphids either by squishing them or blasting them off with water – if you don’t crack on with this at the first signs they’ll spread like wildfire. 


We have a range of products which can help you battle against the bugs this Summer. It is often a good idea to spray with a systemic pesticide such as Provado Ultimate Bug Killer, which will not only kill any pests present, but also give up to six weeks protection from future attacks. It also comes with a buy two for £7 offer at the moment. Other products available include Resolva Bug Killer, and Scotts Rose Clear Ultra which can be found amongst our range of insecticides. 


As well as using pesticides, you could consider a micromesh tunnel to form a barrier against aphids and other pests such as birds, animals and even frosts (although the latter not applicable until the winter months). While protecting against nuisances, it still allows air and rainwater to pass through easily while filtering sunlight which conserves moisture and prevents scorched plants.


Aphids are also known to cause a problem in the board game Garden-Opoly where players buy garden favourites, collect clay pots and trade them in for greenhouses. Obviously a pesticide won’t be much use against a ‘chance card’, but it would be the ideal game to play while trying to keep your children occupied over the Summer holidays!


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