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Garden Tips for Autumn Flowers, Vegetables and Lawns

Autumn gardening

This Season Can Be Spectacularly Colourful For Your Autumn Flowers And Trees


Top Tips On Looking After Your Autumn Flowers, Fruit Trees, Plants and Vegetable Patch


Your autumn flowers and trees in the garden can look stunning at this time of the year with the changing colour and the resulting golden and red hues. Whilst September can often have some warmer days, October is normally the month where we feel the autumn chill settling in. 


The change in temperature means it is time to move tender plants indoors to keep them protected from the frost. Where possible move them into a light, frost-free place such as a cold frame or a greenhouse over the winter. Alternatively, if this is not achievable you may wish to look at protecting with crop control fleece.


Tidying Up

Another main task in October is tidying up the garden before the winter. It is important to collect up fallen leaves regularly. While this can seem pointless at times - as the next time the wind blows a load more leaves fall - it is important to persevere as leaves can cause damage to lawns and harbour disease if they are left on the ground.


Also, recycling your falling autumn leaves is one of the easiest ways to make garden compost. 


To make leaf mould compost, take a black bin liner and punch a few holes in it. Collect the leaves in the bag until it is almost full and then sprinkle with water, shake the bag and tie. Then keep the bags in a shady spot and in a year’s time the leaves will have rotted down into a mulch that can be used to top dress around the base of plants or leave for a second year to use as soil conditioner.


Mole Valley Farmers have a range of lawn care tools including lawn rakes, border shears and leaf collectors. We also have a range of composters to help you recycle autumn leaves.



If you haven’t already done so, it is time to dig up any remaining summer bedding and replace with spring bedding, such as pansies, primroses, bellis daisies and polyanthus, and spring flowering bulbs.


Whilst you can plant tulips later without reducing their flowering, daffodils and narcissi should be planted now for best flowering. Plant the bulbs quite deeply, around three times the depth of the bulb, in groups or drifts for the best displays. 


We have many garden utensils to help you dig up any remaining summer bedding, as well as daffodils and narcissi available to buy online.


Your Lawn

Feed your lawn in October with autumn feed and moss killer to promote strong root growth over the winter and prepare the lawn for the cooler weather to come. You will also need to cut the lawn less frequently as the cooler weather slows down grass growth. Raise the mower’s cut to leave the grass longer over the winter period.


Fruit Trees

If you have fruit trees, remember to wrap grease bands around their trunks to stop the female winter moth from crawling up the tree to lay their eggs. 


This is a common cause of damage to fruit trees. The flightless female winter moth emerges from the soil in the autumn and makes her way to the top of the tree to mate. She then over-winters in the tree and the following spring when the fruits are developing she lays her eggs. These eggs then hatch into caterpillars, which feed on the young fruit and leaves. However, by simply attaching bio Boltac Greasebands around the trunk of the tree the female winter moth is stopped from getting to the top of the tree and the cycle is broken.


Vegetable Patch

There is actually quite a lot of work you can put in on vegetables at this time of year. Aquadulcia Claudia broad beans can be sown directly outside in late October for the earliest crops next spring. Also you can sow all year round cauliflower in a cold frame greenhouse or window sill. 


Other seeds to plant now include cresses, salad leaves, mustard seed, cos lettuce and why not try growing some mung beans? Suttons seeds are available from your local branch along with composts, seed trays, seed labels and small garden tools.


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