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A Barbour Wellies Review

Barbour wellies review


#Rock Your Wellies Boot Tester Jude Harris Gives us Her Barbour Wellies Review


It was one of those “Bucket List” things I felt I had to do.  Having reached the Grand ehem! Age of 50 and only living a stone’s throw away, it was time I experienced “GLASTONBURY FESTIVAL”.


The Fates smiled kindly upon me and not only did I manage to get a ticket for my first ever festival but, I was also bestowed the honor of becoming an “OFFICIAL MOLE VALLEY WELLY TESTER!” 


So having given preferred size, length and colour, my wellies were duly ordered and with great anticipation I waited for their delivery.  Finally the day arrived, and on first opening the box, my initial reaction was disappointment. I had been expecting a pair of knee length boots, which these definitely were not. 


However, before I could utter my thoughts, the boots were snatched from the box and my daughter preceded to prance around the kitchen in them, with accompanying shrieks of “I want them!, I want them!”.  Hmmm! Perhaps they were not so bad after all and I had to admit, I did find the bitsy pink rosebuds on a navy blue back ground, rather appealing.


Thus considered, I gently reminded my daughter that this was not the expected behavior of a “cool” 15 year old and she couldn’t have them anyway, as I had to wear test them and write a review. (So there!) In reply to which, the wellies were vigorously thrust back at me followed by much flouncing out of the room!


Moving, swiftly on.  The wellies appeared to be of a very good quality, robust and with a nicely cushioned sole.  I found them quite snug around the ankle, which offered good support but, made it a little difficult when it came to removing them.  However, now mollified, they were consigned to my back pack, along with the essential waterproof poncho and camper van flag, I was ready!!!


Well over the next four days, my wellies did me proud.  We trudged through rivers of rainwater, slipped and slithered through fields of brown soup, which when later sun baked, were reduced to mile upon mile of thick gloop making every step forward feel like two back.  But throughout all of this, I’m happy to say, my feet remained dry and comfortable.                          


On the final day the sun shone and I couldn’t resist donning a pair of shorts and the said wellies, an outfit which I felt was quite trendy and in keeping with the current company.  A thought later endorsed by a young steward who proffered  me a “high five” and the much acclaimed endorsement of” Glasto Chick” as I went through security. 


I entered the site for the last time, a smug, satisfied smile on my face. I (complete with wellies) HAD ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!


Can’t wait for next year and maybe another pair of wellies?


Regards Glasto Chick  - Jude Harris


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Jude's boots were supplied by Barbour.

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#RockYourWellies boot tester Jude Harris

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