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#RockYourWellies Barbour Wellington Boot Review

Barbour wellies review #rockyourwellies


Barbour Ladies Wellies Review


Laura Herman from our #RockYourWellies Project shares her review with us.

I work as a production manager for festivals across the UK, and my job requires me to do a fair amount of stomping around fields, usually knee deep in mud.  Obviously, footwear is a huge priority for me, and wellington boots, walking boots and ‘office shoes’ are always top of my festival packing list. The work is hard enough without soggy socks and blisters! Luckily for me we’ve had a fairly sunny summer season, and at a couple of festivals I’ve managed to avoid heavy footwear altogether; but being a true English summer we’ve had our fair share of downpours too. I spent this season testing out my pair of Barbour Ladies Wellingtons.

Firstly, I just want to point out that these wellies are beautiful! Never have I owned something so practical and pretty. Printed with the Julie Dodsworth ‘Cluster’ pattern, these wellies are subtle yet attractive. They definitely added to my festival outfit and helped make me feel more glamorous than my anorak usually allows.


Secondly, they’re a great height, sitting just above the shin. Not high enough to crush your calves or cause you to melt your legs in the heat, but not impractically short either.


Thirdly, they’re sturdy, with thick ridged soles and great grip, they stood up to the test and successfully kept me upright at Glastonbury Festival, Latitude Festival, Secret Garden Party, Wireless Festival, Fieldview Festival and Bestival this summer. I felt comfortable going out for the day in these beauties, and even opted for them over walking boots when I knew I’d be out on site all day.  


The only difficulty I found with these wellies, is that they’re quite difficult to get off after a whole day of stomping. They are a little narrow on the space between the front and back of the ankle, and require some serious leverage to escape! Other than that, they’re more than excellent, and I can’t wait to go on some adventures with them this autumn. 


-Laura Herman

 Barbour kindly supplied Laura's boots


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Laura Herman - #RockYourWellies

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