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"I Am Sure their Popularity Will Only Increase" on Bekina Steplite X

Bekina Steplite X Boots

Bekina Steplite X Review - "I have so enjoyed wearing these boots"

D'Arcie Rice wore Bekina Steplite X Boots during her time on the #UniInMyWellies Project and here is what she thought of them


Im going to be honest, when I opened the box of my trial pair of Bekina Steplite-X Wellingtons I wasn't over the moon, but they have grown on me a lot after wearing them nearly every day for four months. These boots have been worn a lot over the past four months, being worn nearly every day, to Freshers' Carnival, clubs, been in a lake, ridden horses in them, absolutely covered in mud and sheep marker; however after a good scrub they still look like new- despite the sheep spray and glitter I just can not seem to get off.


The unisex design of them leave a bit to be desired when used to Le Chameau Chasseur boots, however, this makes them breathable, cool in hot weather, warm in winter, and there is enough room within the calf of the boot in order to ensure that you can tuck your overalls into your boots- this is of huge benefit to me, and subsequently I will continue to wear them for the foreseeable future when the official testing ends, and I am certain they will last me a fair amount of time due to the material they are made of, polyurethane, being thick and durable, no chance of them splitting like previous boots I have owned, despite riding horses in them.


The sizing of the boots is very large, so I would suggest that you try a pair before you purchase them. I have been wearing a pair that are size 6, however in reality they are too big for me and without the provided insoles I would of been unable to wear them because of how big they are for me; despite this, after initially wearing them in, they have been extremely comfortable, warm and sturdy and I have been recommending them to friends and tweeting about what a great pair of wellies I think they are and I am sure their popularity will only increase as word gets round about how brilliant these wellies are for anyone who needs a good sturdy, warm and comfortable pair of wellies that will keep good grip in muddy/slippy conditions. They are comfortable enough to drive in, which is essential for me.


Four months ago when I first saw them I never thought I would say this- I have so enjoyed wearing these boots. Despite not being the prettiest, they are undoubtedly the most practical pair of wellies I have ever owned. Being a welly tester for Mole Valley Farmers has been a great talking point, has given me the chance to go to new places and meet some wonderful new people and get featured on a blog. I love these wellington boots and I have had a fantastic time.


Thank you ever so much for allowing me to have this opportunity and find a truly brilliant pair of wellington boots.


DArcie Rice

D'Arcie's boots came from Bekina.


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D'Arcie Rice, winner of the #UniInMyWellies Project 2014/2015

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