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Bekina Steplite X Boot Review

 Bekina Steplite X


A Bekina Steplite X Review

Lauren Hayhoe shares her review of the Bekina Steplite X Wellies 

I’ve loved doing this trial, it’s given me a really good excuse to wear wellies all the time and has introduced me to lots of lovely people! For the past year or so I have been wearing hunter wellies, or quite often just worn my Dublin pinnacle boots. If a boot is going to last, I’m willing to pay up to £150 for them but sometimes with wellies, as I know I tend to put holes in them easily, I’m less inclined to pay a lot for them! The wellies that I have been testing over the past few months are Bekina Steplite X Wellingtons. I think they are the type of wellies that would last forever! They are very hard wearing, and made out of a thick, strong material. I wear my wellies for at least an hour a day depending on what time doing but I always wear wellies to muck out and bring in my two horses each day and with the weather that we had over Christmas I was wearing my wellies to  my waitressing job too! I tried to make sure I put my trial wellies for the morning feed and turn out.

I unfortunately didn’t find my trial boots very comfortable. They have a very strange fit with the section around your archway being very tight but the toe area being huge. They also come up very large size wise, as I was wearing a size 5 when I’m actually a size 7. They are also very wide and low cut at the top which meant, when splashed by my horses big feet I ended up with mud and water down the inside of my welly!

I honestly wouldn’t buy them but my mother said that she found them really comfortable! I would think they would be worth somewhere between £30-£50 and I feel like they would be a pair of wellies for a lifetime, but unfortunately just not for my feet. 

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to do this trial!

Lauren Hayhoe


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 Lauren's boots were supplied by Bekina.

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Lauren Hayhoe from the #UniInMyWellies project.

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