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Looking at the Benefits of a Biomass Heating System for Your Business? Look No Further Than Moleenergy

Biomass heating with Moleenergy

Moleenergy Helping Team Green Become Greener with Biomass Heating

Warm your business with biomass heating thanks to Moleenenergy

Moleenergy can give you the best advice when it comes to driving down energy costs and future proofing your business.

That’s what the Winter family of brothers Adrian, Richard and Phillip and father Albert say when it comes to their business of producing Elsanta strawberries for Sainsburys. 

With 14 acres of strawberries grown undercover at Bower Farm, Bridgwater, heating costs are the highest after labour for the Team Green Growers family business. As a result, last year the team decided to look at renewable energy options to drive down energy costs. The team decided to go to Moleenergy who suggested they install a Viessmann Kob Biomass System.

The cost of fuel is only going to go one way, so by putting the biomass boilers in we are future proofing the business,” says Adrian. “The financial incentive means it makes sense to go down this route, plus it does help to tick the green energy box”.

When we were burning oil, temperatures were a lot more inconsistent. Because of the cost of oil we didn’t want to put the burners on unless necessary. Now, because the biomass boilers basically produce free heat we can have them burning whenever the requirement is there enabling us to sell the strawberries two weeks earlier making the most of the earlier premium market



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