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Mark Reviews a Pair of Bogs Rancher Wellies

Bogs Rancher review


Bogs Rancher Review by Mark Laverty

I was testing out the Bogs Rancher Wellington boots for Mole Valley's 'Uni in my wellies' project. These wellies were unlike any wellies that I have previously used before because of the soft fabric material on the sides of the boots which I would have to admit I was worried about when I first saw them but my confidence was quickly restored after standing in the river with them on during one of my tutorials.

These boots are well insulated as they are not too hot in warm weather and they are very comfortable in the cold weather. Overall comfort of these boots is excellent as the size I got felt true to fit. However the soles of the boots felt rather large and made them feel clumsy when doing things like driving and jumping in and out of machinery. The wear down of the soles also isn't great as I have noticed that they have worn down quicker than other wellies I have had before.

Overall, I think that these boots are excellent in wet, mucky and cold conditions, great for outdoor work and a comfortable enough for people who spent a lot of time on their feet.

Thanks again for the welly boots and the chance to take part as I enjoyed the experience.


Mark's wellies were kindly provided by Bogs for this trial. 


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Mark Laverty #UniInMyWellies Project

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