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A Review of Bogs Wellies

Bogs Wellies and others!

Bogs Wellies Review  

Bradley Humber from our #UniInMyWellies Project gives us his take on Bogs wellies.

I was given a pair of Bogs wellies to trial. First impressions where good, they looked robust and like they could handle a hard days work. They fitted well first time and the thick neoprene made them really comfy and supportive. Walking felt natural and didn’t feel like I was doing the “new shoe walk” we all remember from being a child, trying on next year’s school shoes in Clarks. Having previously owned Aigle and Le Chameau wellies the Bogs felt more clumpy on the feet certainly more so then the Le Chameau’s. After wearing the Bogs for over about an hour my feet would start to get warm and sweaty which wasn’t too pleasant, this was probably due to the thick 7mm neoprene lining. However on colder days with a frost on the ground they kept my feet just the right temperature. The back of the heal is nice and grippy, preventing your heal moving inside the welly, but when it comes to taking them off it can be quite a task if you don’t have a boot puller handy. I wore my Bogs beating a couple of times and often on some quite steep muddy terrain. I found they didn’t grip too well on the muddy slopes the small tread on the sole quickly clogging up and making walking difficult. The Bogs where much better on slippery concrete yards and oil surfaces around the farm. They seemed a bit shorter up the leg then my Le Chameau’s which could be a problem if you wanted to go through any deep water, of which there was a lot around over the Christmas period. More times than I would like to count I’ve stood in deep water or some soft mud and nearly ended up with a very wet or muddy foot. 

Part of Freshers week at Harper Adams included a ‘freshers challenge’. This included an obstacle course, over bales, through tunnels and along silage sheet slides. It was in fancy dress and I decided to wear my Bogs to complement my Alice in Wonderland costume. I ran most of the way and found the Bogs coped well. Falling off the bridge into dirty smelly water wasn’t a highlight but on returning to my flat the Bogs where easy to wash out and quickly dried which was impressive.  

In conclusion I found the Bogs a good pair of wellies. They would probably be more suited to work around the farm on cold winter days and in the milking parlour. I probably wouldn’t have brought a pair of Bogs for myself to wear around the farm, however now that I have trialled them I can certainly see a place for them. I will be certainly keeping mine handy to wear on the farm and on those cold mornings when I want to keep my feet nice and toasty. 


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 Bradley's boots were supplied by Bogs.



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Bradley Humber from the #UniInMyWellies project 

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