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Calf Hutches For Healthy Calves

calf hutches


Calf Hutches Reduce Pneumonia and Scour Incidences

One of the UK’s most passionate and innovative dairy farmers, Fraser Jones of Calcourt Farms, uses JFC calf hutches.

Fraser farms 2,700 cattle over seven different sites, covering 2,690 acres. His calf rearing unit is based just south of Welshpool houses and 1,300 heifers and calving 30-36 per week. With so many calves on the ground at once, there has to be a clear plan of how the future herd is cared for at Calcourt.

Once the calves are born they are transferred to a single hutch based indoors and remain here until they have received all the colostrum required. They are then moved into single hutches outdoors, where they remain for a further eight weeks. Next the calves are put into groups of ten and housed indoors. Fraser has found no issue with moving them from single hutches to the larger groups.

Whilst in the hutches the calves are under the watchful eye of Fraser’s calf rearing duo. “The calves are fed twice a day by the same person every time, this is essential for the monitoring of calf health,” comments Fraser.

“I purchased the JFC calf hutches at least 10 years ago and I am really pleased  how they have stood the test of time.  As soon as we moved to hutches my vet’s bill reduced massively, along with the number of pneumonia and scour cases. The calves are bedded on straw within the hutch which allows us to monitor the calf’s faeces, as  this is good indication of the health. Once the calves are moved into bigger groups at eight weeks old, the hutches are cleaned and disinfected, which is a straight forward job as they are easy to handle.”

Following an AI programme of both sexed and conventional semen Fraser ensures all bull calves are reared and sold to a national retailer where they are reared for rose veal.  Read more about calf hutches or order online now.



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