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Hints And Tips On Replacing Your Car Batteries Before The Onset of Winter

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Replace Your Car Batteries Before the Cold Winter.


Cold Nights Can Challenge Your Car Batteries. Replace Them Now Before They Fail.


Hints And Tips On Replacing Your Car Batteries Before The Onset of Winter


With winter fast approaching, the first cold nights will challenge car any batteries on the way out. Don’t wait until they fail; replace yours now. With over 30 different vehicle batteries in most branches we have the UK’s most popular lines ready for you.

When replacing your vehicle battery it is natural to go for the cheapest priced replacement. This may not always be the best solution. With increasing technology in vehicles, the demands on batteries require modern technology. Always ensure that your replacement battery is the closest to the specification as the original on your vehicle.

The top five reasons for car breakdowns are:

  • Electrical, battery, alternator, starter 38%
  • Engine management 16%
  • Steering, brakes, axles 10%
  • Motor mechanics 7%
  • Locks 6%

Main reason for reduced battery life


  • Short distance trips with maximum loads
  • Incorrect application or short circuit
  • Loose fitting battery
  • Prolonged period of self discharge
  • Over charging with risk of drying out
  • Extreme temperature.


Mole Valley Farmers have a range of car battery accessories, chargers and starters to help you and your vehicle.





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