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Cattle Tags - Some Handy Advice

cattle tags

Cattle Tags

Cattle Tags - Useful Advice and Handy Reminders

Since 1998 tagging cattle has been a legal requirement meaning that all livestock farmers in the UK are subject to the rules on ear tags.  As every animal needs to have an official ear tag in each ear ensuring that the unique cattle number is visible at all times you may well spend a lot of time tagging and re-tagging your herd with cattle tags.  


Mole Valley Plus, the member benefits division of Mole Valley Farmers has a simple and straight forward way to order and buy your tags as well as some useful advice:


  • Remember that you must fit ear tags within 20 days of an animal’s birth.  The only exception to this is dairy cattle where faster action is required; they must be tagged within 36 hours of birth.

  • There is no minimum size requirement for the second tag used in the double tagging process so you can choose to use button or metal tags.

  • If importing cattle you do not need to re-tag cattle from within the EU but cattle from outside the EU must be tagged within 2 days of passing any and all veterinary checks.

  • If you are ordering ministry tags you will need your herd/flock number and your CPH (holding) number to hand.

For further considerations on cattle identification, registration and movement visit GOV.UK.


As ear tags for cattle are an important consideration as well as a legal requirement Mole Valley Plus has developed a new range of ear tags called Mole Tags.  


  • These tags have been manufactured from a single piece of reinforced plastic composite which means it has no weak points. 

  • Even with this its strength the Mole Tag has been crafted with flexibility in mind so that there is far less chance of snagging and damage to the ears of your livestock.  

  • A stainless steel locking washer means it cannot come apart when properly connected and it has highly visible lasered print so there is little chance of fading print over the course of its lifetime.  

  • The Mole Tag has been made with a reinforced tip which allows the tag to be cleanly inserted without worry of bending and warping.


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