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4 Top Tips for Making Cattle Tracks

 Cattle tracks

Time to Make Tracks - Cattle Tracks

Enable your herd to access grazing areas with ease whilst reducing impact on pastures


Well designed cattle tracks enable cows to access grazing areas whilst maintaining the well-being of the cows’ feet, aiming to reduce lameness and improve dairy cattle mobility. Planning the layout of your tracks will allow the most efficient use of grazing, providing access to all necessary areas whilst minimising damage to pastures. It is also very important to consider the composition, condition and length of any track, as the quality and type of surface has a significant impact on foot health. 


The following points may be considered during the planning process:

  • 5m track of which 4m is surfaced will enable good flow for up to 200 cows. Each additional 100 cows would require an extra 1m width.
  • A variety of materials may be used to construct a track, but the surface should not consist of sharp stones, rubble or gravel, even though these materials may be used in the construction of the track base.
  • Any areas liable to become muddy in wet weather can be improved by the used of materials to make the surface more durable and better drained. Poorly drained soil and wet areas can allow hoof horn to become soft and more prone to injury, disease or perforation by sharp stones.
  • Drainage is a very important aspect of the track’s design. This helps to avoid damage from the build-up of wet areas and mud, which may also be a supportive environment for disease causing pathogens. To allow water to drain away easily, it is important to form a ‘crown’ in the tracks surface.


When looking to restore your cow tracks Mole Valley Plus can offer an extensive range of aggregates including oolitic limestone and 20-75mm scalpings. Oolitic limestone (which is only available in certain areas) is a specialist product which will reduce the risk of poor mobility and lameness in your cattle whilst providing an excellent surface for your tracks. Mole Valley Plus also have partnerships with a number of hire companies, including A Plant, Speedy and Eagle Hire, where you will be able to hire any extra machinery that you may need at a discounted rate, to create the perfect cow track.

For further details of products available through Mole Valley Plus, contact our team on 01769 576201

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