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Get the Most From your Livestock with our Cattle Weighing Scales

 cattle weighing scales


Using the Right Cattle Weighing Scales to Maximise Profits is Essential

Minimise future losses and maximise profits thanks to cattle weighing scales.

Weighing cattle can be one of the main key performance indicators for farm efficiency and breeding enhancement. With a range of cattle weighing scales available at Mole Valley Farmers, we can help your farm maximise profits while minimising your fed costs, not to mention the money you can save correctly dosing or vaccinating your herd.

As a producer, you may think you can accurately predict the weights of your livestock, but it is quite common for ‘guestimate’ weights for a beef animal to be 50kg lower or higher than the true weight. Accurate weighing can help you maximise profitability by providing information on overall cost of production. 

With further changes pending to carcass classification grids, it is crucial to meet the target specifications of the processor to ensure you achieve the maximum profits per animal. Weighing beef cattle onto the lorry before dispatch can also provide good management information by identifying each animal’s killing out percentage, once abattoir returns are received. 

The ‘killer’ benefit which normally sways most doubters, is the ease of use of today’s weighing systems. Rusty weigh crates and scribbled notes of eartag numbers and weights are definitely a thing of the past. Modern weighing systems, such as those from Iconix and Trutest, are suitable for either sheep or cattle and offer truly flexible solutions.

Electronic scales give far more accurate results, data capture is simplified by specifying options to identify stock and record weight automatically. If you already have an efficient handling system, using a weigh system makes weighing far less of a chore. If it’s less hassle, you’ll do it more often and be able to make more use of the data it generates. 

Weigh systems can be used in conjunction with electronic identification (EID) to produce a variety of data during or after weighing. Easily retro-fitted to fixed handling units, or even mobile units such as Alligator and Prattley systems, it can automatically calculate weight gain – either as total gain or gain/day – and will store up to 6000 records. From an FX41 or XR3000 the operator can upload records and statistics to a personal computer for analysis and archiving.

In order to successfully manage a beef enterprise and maximise profits, every producer should be able to answer the following questions: 

  • Do you have a precise knowledge of daily liveweight gains, enabling judgment on the quality of pasture or of the ration being fed?
  • Are your cattle performing to the expected or necessary liveweight gain to meet marketing criteria? 
  • What is the cost per kilo liveweight gain per beef animal?

If you can’t answer these questions accurately and you’re serious about beef production, perhaps it’s worth investing in a weigh system?

If the answer is yes, you can find out more about our range of cattle weighers and handling systems by calling 01769 576201. Your local feed specialist can advise on feeding regimes for maximum return.




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