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Check Your Trailer Lights & Reflectors

check your trailer lights

LED and Bulb Vehicle Lighting for Your Trailer

Check your trailer lights and ensure your trailer lighting and reflectors are in good condition for darker evenings

As we approach the winter season and the dark nights draw closer, it is essential that the lights and reflectors on a trailer are fully functional.  To be road legal and safe all trailers, no matter what type, must have E Approved working rear lights, clear triangular reflectors and a number plate lamp as a minimum at the rear. Over time, lights and or electrical connections can fail or corrode due to bad weather conditions or lack of maintenance. To avoid any fines or penalties, check reflectors and lights for damage or failures before getting on the road.

In-store there are a wide range of E Approved LED and bulb lighting solutions as well as E Approved reflectors. A trailer or horsebox will traditionally be fitted with bulb (incandescent/filament) lamps. With a wide range of bulbs on offer from Maypole it is likely that a suitable replacement can be found, and bulb lamps can be a cheaper alternative to LED lamps.

If you are looking to fit LED lamps to replace the existing bulb lamps on your trailer, we stock the most popular; but many more are available to order. LED lamps tend to have a longer life as they consume less power than a bulb lamp. LED lamps also offer a brighter illumination which ensures the trailer can be seen on dark roads or farmyards.

As a back-up, it is a good idea to invest in a trailer lighting board. These come in a wide range of sizes so the dimensions of the customer’s trailer would be required.  In stock are the most popular trailer lighting boards that include E Approved LED and bulb options. 

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