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Effective Spring Diets For Cattle

Cost Effective Spring Diets

In the current climate, both weather wise and economic, some straights options are definitely worth looking at.

Wheat Gluten is available south coast and Newport, south Wales and has proved itself to be a very useful feed in both dairy and beef diets. Although slightly lower in protein than the more traditional maize gluten, it has a more consistent physical quality with more pellets than meal. It is manufactured using wheatfeed and liquid co-products from bioethanol production with the addition of yeast protein to improve the nutritional value. It works well in conjunction with sugar beet or soya hulls. Sugar beet complements the gluten by raising sugar levels helping boost feed intake, improve energy density of the ration and milk quality especially milk fat percentage and yield.

With grain prices at their current low levels Mole Soda Starch Wheat (caustic treated) is a safer alternative to feeding rolled cereals as well as offering nutritional benefits. The caustic treatment means the grain will be digested at a slower rate with less acid build up and the alkaline nature of caustic soda also helps to stabilise the rumen pH and provide a better environment for the microbes leading to improved fibre digestion. This allows relatively high levels of grain to be fed while maintaining forage intake. Mole Soda Starch Wheat is suitable for any ruminant diet but is particularly effective in high performance dairy diets and intensive beef diets where high energy levels are needed. A low sodium mineral is recommended with this product.

Where early turnout is possible, the Mole Maxi Starch range could provide an effective rumen buffer to the high sugar, low fibre spring grass where cereals still need to be fed. Grain treated with Maxammon will counteract the acidity of the grass as well as add protein to the diet.

Mole Maxi Starch Barley is ideal for intensive beef finishing diets as its increased protein level means it can be the sole feed with mineral supplementation. Mole Maxi Starch Wheat is a ready to go alternative to rolled wheat or farm treated soda wheat but with higher protein levels and Mole Maxi Starch Maize can be the total diet starch source.

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Judith Clifford, Alternative Feeds.

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