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Cotswold Wellington Boots - "Warm and Light on The Feet"

Cotswold Kew wellington boots



Cotwold Wellington Boots Review by Charlotte Garbutt

#UniInMyWellies “THE BIG REVIEW”

What a few months it has been. My Le Chameau boots have had a break and the Cotswolds have been thrown into all sorts of weird and wonderful things from chunder and animal excrement to enjoying the countryside’s fine soil. During that time the wellies have certainly never let me down. We’ve triumphed through freezing cold shoot days and I managed not to get frostbite on the toes which is always a bonus. The wellies were very good at keeping my feet warm and as well as this they kept them dry. The thickness and quality of the material meant that no holes were going to appear. In the past I’ve had wellies that split or the odd muck fork goes through (maybe that’s just me and not the welly) but these wellies certainly proved their worth. Speaking of worth, the price of these wellies is an absolute bargain! I had a look on the mole valley website and couldn’t believe it. My chameaus were £165, I’d have been better buying these wellies!


Suggestions, if any, would be that I’d like to see improvement to the variety of the wellies. This is no negative on the wellies themselves but the range of colours available. It would be good to see the traditional colours but also some funky colours, similar to the Hunters but having Cotswold’s stamp on it i.e the typical cow print etc, pink for the ladies etc. Another thing I thought of was a limited edition one in aid of a charity such as RABI. I can’t fault the wellies themselves, their not bulky, they are actually really good wellies!

I’d never heard of Cotswolds before this competition and I’m glad I’ve done it because now I’ve genuinely found a brand of wellies that are good value for money and are comfortable, warm and light on the feet.


Charlotte's boots were provided by Cotswold for the #UniInMyWellies project.




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Charlotte garbutt from our #UniInMyWellies project

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