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Testimonials for Heatime Monitoring Systems & Dairy Cow Fertility

dairy cow fertility - Heatime monitoring stystems

Dairy Cow Fertility Heatime Monitoring Systems


Benefit from increased profitability by monitoring heat and activity levels of your dairy herd


Fertility is a hugely important issue for any dairy farmer. The ability to get cows back in calf quickly helps to maintain high levels of milk production and reduce the costs incurred during a cows dry period. With the average yield of a Holstein cow reaching 7000 litres a year, maximising efficiency is essential to achieve the average interval of 70 days from calving to first breeding, along with a high fertility rate, resulting in more milk and calves produced at a reduced cost.


Many cows ovulate within three weeks after calving but can often take between 50-60 days for a cow to show signs of ovulation. With 15 to 20% of a typical 100 cow herd showing no outward sign of being in heat this can present a real challenge to herdsman when trying to optimise milk production.


Heatime monitors activity 24 hours a day and has achievable heat detection rates of up to 95%. Based on a typical 100 cow herd a reduction of 20 days off the calving interval can save around £10,000.


Peter Derryman, Yarcombe, Honiton – “We installed a Heatime long distance LD system in July and already it is taking the stress out of heat detection. We have stopped using any other heat detection aids and are presenting fewer anoestrous cows to our vets.


Stuart Taylor, Thorndon Farm, Holsworthy – “We installed a heatime long distance LD system last spring. The heat detection is picking up cows late at night, which may have been missed. Knowing when peak activity occurred has helped with the time of insemination to improve conception rates. I currently don’t have a collar per cow, however my objective is to achieve this as soon as possible.”


Richard Reed, Gidcott, Milton Damerel – “We had our Heatime system installed in 2008. In the first 12 months our calving index reduced by over 20 days. Today Heatime has become one of the most important pieces of equipment on our farm, so much so that we have now upgraded to the latest long distance LD system (Long Distance), which will pick up activity on both our cows and maiden heifers using one antenna to cover all the farm buildings.


General info: 

  • Heatime systems are easy to use and monitor the activity of cows. Activity is monitored with H-Tag or HR-Tag which records cow activity in 2 hour blocks, providing detailed data on the cow’s activity levels and their intensity.
  • Data is collected each time the cow passes under the ID unit. The data is transferred to the Heatime control box using infra red communication.
  • Activity data is analysed by the system using algorithms which separate the cow’s day to day activity from estrus related activities.
  • Affordable, entry level systems, accurate, high and low activity monitoring, easy to use, Modular .


For further details of discounted Heatime systems, available to you through Mole Valley Plus, call us on 01769 576201

Source: (Mole Valley Plus / Fabdec (Heatime Fertility Solutions) 


Source Details

Source: (Mole Valley Plus / Fabdec (Heatime Fertility Solutions)


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