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Dunlop Purofort Wellies "I rate these very highly" - Archie Cursham

Dunlop Purofort boots

Dunlop Purofort Boots Review

Archie Cursham  Dunlop Purofort - Mole Valley Farmer’s Wellington Boot Tester’s Review

Good points.

The size 7 Puroforts supplied by Mole Valley Farmers for the #UniInMyWellies Project have been very comfortable, they have proved to be very usable, standing up to everything our Gloucestershire holding could throw at them. They haven’t developed any leaks from repeated scavenging through piles of off cut wood (as my previous pair had), the steel toe caps have proven their worth too when I dropped a trolley jack on my foot!

Bad points.

On the heel of the boots the residue left from the moulding is quite apparent. Other than that minor fault I have no complaints.

To Conclude.

I have basically lived in these boots, they are absolutely plastered in mud from checking on the sheep, I have worn them so much that the rear edge of the heel is worn off at an angle! I’ve worn them to parties, off road events, farm work, I’ve been to the movies in them and I even managed to drive my old Mini in them which was not easy! I’ll be sure to keep them in work as long as possible and I will definitely be buying another pair of purofort’s when these are done with. The value for money with Dunlops is considerably better than any I’ve had before, both cheap short terms pairs and expensive main brands that I’ve been scared to use properly. To conclude, I rate these very highly!

Archie's boots were supplied by Dunlop.


Source Details

Archie Cursham, #UniInMyWellies boot tester 2014/2015

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