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#UniInMyWellies Dunlop Purofort Safety Review

 dunlop purofort safety review by Tara Barry

Dunlops Purofort Safety Wellingtons Review

Uni in My Wellies My Report by Tara Barry 


"I think as a safety and performance boot, these wellingtons are brilliant "...


For the Uni in my Wellies challenge, I was asked to test the Dunlop Purofort Safety Wellingtons. I had never owned or worn Dunlops before, always preferring Hunter for their iconic style, range of colours and taller length. Compared to this and other brands of welly boot, the Dunlops are shorter, only coming to mid-calf which is not ideal for deep mud or very wet conditions. The boots also came up very large and even wearing a size down, the boots were still quite big although this did allow for wearing thick socks, which was necessary as the boots weren’t very warm.


The steel toe-cap is a brilliant feature with these boots, and withstood a full night at the RAU freshers ball, allowing me to glide through a heel wearing crowd pain free. The boots also had surprisingly good traction, not only on tarmac and wet grass, but also inside on dance floors and dining room wood panels, avoiding any embarrassing slip-ups.


The boots came with insoles for extra padding and were airy and spacious, however as previously mentioned, because of the low cut and wide fit at the top, they weren’t very warm and there was a lot of space for water and mud to get in. The boots were very easy to get on and off which is ideal for going from yard to class when your lecturer frowns on muddy boot stains on the carpet, but not so ideal when walking through deep mud as one boot was likely to get left behind. 


Being on an equine course, I mainly wore the boots on yards and around campus but also shooting and walking. As long as you were wearing thick socks, the boots were comfy for long periods of time however I wouldn’t recommend the boots for driving as they have quite a clunky feel so they didn’t feel particularly safe. 


If I were to improve the boots, I would make the lining thicker for warmth especially from the ankle upwards and I would not have the fit so wide. I would also have liked the boots to be longer for a more flattering appearance and also to have less detailing on the outside. I think as a safety and performance boot, these wellingtons are brilliant and a few adjustments would mean the wearer would be inclined to wear them all day as their primary choice. My favorite part about wearing the wellies has been talking to people about them and gauging interest. Sadly, I don’t see the Dunlop taking Cirencester by storm or replacing the much loved Le Chameau. However, having earned many jealous glares from girls ankle deep in mud with broken heels at the Freshers Ball, maybe there is a future for steel toe cap formal wear after all. St Andrews Wellie Ball 2014 here I come!  


Tara has provided some great photos during the project, some of which you can see on our welly gallery.


If Tara has inspired you to become a welly tester you can apply for 2014-2015 now!

 Tara's boots were provided by Dunlop


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Tara Barry, Team Ciren of the #UniInMyWellies project.

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