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How Did the Dunlop Full Safety Wellington Boots Do? Read the Review...

dunlop purofort safety Wellington boots


Dunlop Purofort Safety Boot Review


Charlotte Bolton Reviews Dunlop Purofort Safety Boots as part of her expereince on the #UniInMyWellies project


Average Hours Use per Day: 5- 12 

Previous Wellies Owned: Seeland, Aigles, Dunlop, & Nora

Welly Size: 6 – I’m normally a size 7 or 8 in footwear; however the Dunlop Purofort wellies sizes are generous after initially getting a pair of size 7 boots. I had to ask for a smaller size as despite wearing two pairs of socks they fell off fairly easily. I have spoken to other people on my course with the same wellies and they say they all have a size smaller than their foot size. Therefore I would encourage people to try them on rather than buying them straight off of the shelf. 

Comfort Rating: 4/5 – They were very comfortable to wear being light weight meant that you could quite easily wear them for a long period of time without getting excessive leg fatigue, however the insole is fairly thin. After a long period of time walking up and down a milking parlour they became a bit uncomfortable to walk in, it felt like there wasn’t enough cushioning within the insole which is necessary if you’re going to spend all day wearing a pair of wellies. For the seemingly limited amount of lining which these boots have the do a very good job of keeping feet warm, despite temperatures at 4 in the morning being rather cold and undesirable.

Expected Life Span: 6 months minimum, working on a dairy farm with an Auto Dip and Flush system is very unforgiving on welly boots due to the large volumes of chemicals which they come into contact with, which usually wears the grip from the bottom of the boot fairly quickly, meaning that my wellies generally only last 6- 12 months. After 3 months they still have good grip therefore I am hopeful that they will last longer than 6 months, although they do have a chemical line appearing on the top of the boot where my bib and brace waterproofs finish despite washing them off with clean water after every milking.

Typical Spend: I have typically spent anything between £40 – 140 on a pair of wellies in the past; I am willing to spend more money for comfort whilst working. As there is nothing worse than aching feet half at the end of a long day’s work. I would expect to spend around £50- 60 for these wellies and upon looking the price up feel that they are very reasonably priced for what is offered.

Where have my wellies been: You name it they have probably done it in my first term at Harper. They have been to Fresher’s and Christmas ball and been worn whilst milking and doing yard and field work back home in Devon saving my feet from being badly bruised by the cows. They are nice to drive in as they are light weight and don’t affect foot controls both in a tractor and in my car. They’ve been to see Roll Deep, attended foam and paint parties in the student union bar and currently still have fluorescent pink paint on them… but I think it contrasts the green well. As well as being worn to weekly crop walks to gain information for my YARA Winter Wheat assignment.

Improvements: There are only two things I would change about these wellies. The first would to be to increase the thickness of the insole to increase comfort so that it is possible to wear them for long periods of time without getting achy feet. Finally a request from my bosses daughter, she is a size 5 and with the generous sizes of your wellies she can’t find a pair which fit her, she is the only one on the farm not to own a pair of Dunlop Purofort Safety boots as they are not made in her size, and working on a dairy farm you particularly need a pair of safety wellies as cows have an awful habit of standing on feet.

Would I buy this brand of wellies again: Yes I most certainly would,  I was most pleasantly surprised by this pair of wellies and my attitude towards the brand has been completely changed, it leaves a lot to be desired from the more well- known £12 Dunlop wellies everybody judges the company by. I would definitely recommend this welly to other people, it is an ideal boot to work in.

My Favourite Moment: I think my favourite moment of the welly testing has to be being chosen by Dunlop to feature in their Christmas PR in the Farmers Weekly. It was a real privilege to be chosen to represent the company and a great sense of achievement seeing the finished piece in the 


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Charlotte's boots were supplied by Dunlop.

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Charlotte Bolton fom the #UniInMyWellies project

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