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Dunlops - I wish I had discovered these wellies sooner!

Dunlop wellies

Dunlop Wellies

Dunlop Purofort Safety Wellington Boot Review from #TeamCiren

For the #UniInMyWellies challenge I was delighted to be able to trial the ‘Dunlop Purofort safety wellington’. I am very familiar with this boot as they are the brand and type that my father has preferred to wear on the farm for many years.

Up until now I have worn a variety of wellies, everything from bright pink bog standards to trending in Le Chameau boots. The Dunlops had to make a good impression on my feet, as the first time I wore them, I had them on my feet for twelve hours solid. They were comfortable and light, even with the steel toecap and although compared to other wellies I have worn in the past, the calf measurements were slightly larger, this was, however, beneficial to me as I like to wear overalls tucked in to wellingtons and the wider calf width allowed room for this and extra layers of socks, if necessary! 

I wore my wellies to the max! During the challenge I wore them milking, partying, tractor driving, on farm walks and even playing POLO!

Wearing the wellingtons whilst milking tested the excellent chemical resistance of the Dunlops. I have found that they have not become discoloured or damaged at all even with the harsh use of the chemicals in the parlour.  The comfort and warmth of the boots was certainly tested, keeping my feet warm and dry. Safety is paramount on the farm and the steel toecap feature of the boot makes these wellies outstanding, light weight whilst still completely protecting the foot. This makes them a far safer option than others on the current market.

I wore my wellies to the freshers carnival and I saw the new year in wearing them at a young farmers bash. The wellies were comfortable to drive in whether I was in a car or tractor, allowing for the flexibility of the sole to be able to ‘feel’ what you are doing.

Being an agriculture student, meant my wellies were worn around the university campus and on a number of farm walks throughout the first term. The farm walks were all weather, visiting dairy, beef and sheep farms along with fruit and veg farms.

The wellingtons even came with me on a work placement interview that involved a tour of the farm buildings, equipment and land.

I took my wellies along to my polo lesson with some of my fellow #TeamCiren friends to test out how well the wellies performed in the stirrup! Even this alternative use of welly wear left my feet warm and happy thanks to the shock absorbing sole.

With the use of social media donations were made for the ‘RABI Charity’.  Interest in the #uniinmywellies competition sparked a new challenge and many people from all over the country took part in the #MUDDYWELLYCHALLENGE (getting you wellies as muddy as possible for charity) which was a great success!

I wish I had discovered these wellies sooner, especially when I was halter training heifers as part of my agriculture course at Moreton Morrell college, and they would have been invaluable in avoiding getting my feet damaged when dealing with my own pony.

 My enthusiasm for these boots has encouraged my boyfriend to buy a pair they are never off his feet now! No negatives about these boots, except from at a very personal angle - I would prefer a slimmer ladies fit that may have been more suited to my very thin legs.

I have thoroughly enjoyed taking part In the #UniInMyWellies challenge and it has taught me to use social media in a more proactive way, creating links with many other people in differing areas of agriculture. I can guarantee I will carry on wearing my wellies even when the challenge has ended, they will be very handy for my forthcoming work placements.



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Mollie Phipps as part of the #UniInMyWellies project.

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